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blue masking tape
Blue Masking Tape - UV Resistant. Blue masking tape designed for delicate surfaces such as wood, tile, granite, drywall and other surfaces. Also called blue painters tape. Works great for securing temporary surface protection to delicate surface
Clear Tape
Clear tape designed to tape temporary floor protection. DO NOT tape directly to FlOOR. Use only on surface protection to surface protection taping. Works great on FloorWrap, PolyKraft, Ramboard, FloorGuard, and Kraft paper
Duct Tape
Duct tape designed for construction use. Duct tape that is moisture and tear resistant. Excellent multiuse 9 mil duct tape.
Seam Tape
Seam tape is an excellent tape for securing Ramboard, FloorWrap, Polykraft, Kraft Paper and other surface protection products
Threshold Protection Tape
Threshold protection tape designed to protect thresholds from scratches, dirt, and damage.
Trim Protection Tape
Trim protection tape is excellent for protecting trim, hardware, fixtures, thresholds and glass. Great for using to secure temporary surface protection products
Vapor Cure Tape
Vapor Cure Tape is an excellent tape to use when taping Ramboard, FloorWrap, PolyKraft, Plastic Corrugated, FloorGuard, or other surface protection products to curing floors.
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